Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why Wrap Your Vehicle

Why Wrap Your Vehicle? Well there are alot of reasons to Wrap your vehicle. Lets see what we can come up with; You already have it, It is just sitting there in front of your busines doing nothing, Customer Recognition, Sales, Money. I am sure there is alot more. But you get the Idea.
So many times I have been asked Why Wrap Your Vehicle and I have replied, " I like Money"!
See my customers notice my truck when I am driving around or when I am at another busines.
They will tell me they saw me over at such and such. But little do they realize so did 5,000 other potential customers see me that day. When your Vehicle is Wrapped You get NOTICED! So there are probably a 1000 reasons to get your Vehicle Wrapped and I am sure people can tell you why not to. But as it goes in business all across America if you want to get known- Then get seen! Why Wrap your Vehicle--- Why Not!!
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Ins and Outs of Vehicle Wrap

The Ins and Outs of Vehicle Wraps is something you can find all over the internet. Which Company does the best Vehicle Wrap varies as much as flavors of ice cream. Not all Vehicle Wrap companies are the same so what you need to ask are the basics. First is the Vehicle Wrap company Certified. 2nd Is the Vehicle Wrap company experienced. Third is the Vehicle Wrap done in house or do they use a contractor. Last, and we all want to know, What is the cost of the Vehicle Wrap. Of course this is just a few of the Ins and Outs of Vehcile Wrap questions, but they are important. Cost of a Vehicle Wrap can include Artwork Fees, Graphic Design Fees, and believe it or not Color Fees. I actually saw this on a website. Color Fees?, a Vehicle Wrap is nothing but colors on Vinyl. Before you get a wrap shop around and compare prices and any hidden fees. Just because a company has a fancy website does not mean that they offer the best price. Remember a Vehicle Wrap is not a paint job. There will be imperfections in any Vehicle Wrap. Every Vehicle Wrap company can find something they do not like about a wrap done by a competitor. You can usually finde Bubbles, Wrinkles and Seams in every one. But remember a Vehicle Wrap is to be seen when your driving or when someone is driving by.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Vehicle Wraps, Vehcile Wrap

What is a Vehicle Wrap? A Vehicle Wrap is when you place special Vinyl over the body of a Vehicle. This is called a Vehicle Wrap. There are numerous companies that do Vehicle Wraps. You can find them all over the metroplex. We here at Vehicle Wraps of North Texas have been doing Vehicle Wraps for almost 10 years. We are a certified company and use certified Vehicle Wrap installers. We can help design your Vehicle Wrap and there is never a charge for the artwork or time we put into it.

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