Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cheap Signs

Cheap Signs, sometimes they are and sometimes they are not Cheap Signs. Alot of companies on the internet catch your eye with they key words Cheap Signs but by the time you add in artwork, Coloring, sign post, wire stake it adds up. That does not include the cost of shipping.
Cheap Signs may be gotten from most non franchised sign shops. When you go to look for Cheap Signs from the franchised locations there can be a definite difference of what "Cheap Signs" mean to people. I am not saying you cannot get signs cheaply but you really have to shop for them. Lets say your a home builder and you need route signs. The going rate for these is between $15.00 - $20.00 per sign with stake. Now lets say you search and you go on the internet and they tell you $1.50 per face single sided, thats a Cheap Sign!. Now go buy the 1" steel t-stakes. Lets say that same company sells them for $5.00 each. You have now ordered
100 signs at a price of $650.00. Now get them shipped-- add $600.00 due to weight and bulk.
Thats not a very Cheap sign. If you need a good deal on Cheap Signs and no BS and your in the DFW area then why not try . You might be very pleased at what you find. Call Eddie at 972-670-5875, he can even set up your route for you!